Information for first-year students in winter23/24

Hello to our soon-to-be freshmen!
Welcome to our website; we are looking forward to welcoming you at the University of Bonn this winter!

There will be pre-courses offered by the university for you, which will take place in September.
Participation in these courses is not obligatory, but they offer an insight into study-related topics and can be a good opportunity to get to know future fellow students in advance.
No registration is necessary for the courses.

“Pre-course Formal Methods” 1+2nd week of September (Math)
“Pre-course Python” 3+4th week of September (programming)

Before the lectures start there will be an orientation week (OE) from 02.-06.10.23, so make a note of the date!
We will prepare a few lectures with important information for you and compile our own offers and university offers for you. With this we want to support you to arrive at the university and to get to know each other.

Furthermore, you will find a lot of information/links/overviews here on the website that might be interesting for you in advance – feel free to click through the website, a good start would be for example at our Start of studies page which you can also see in the overview above 🙂

More information about pre-courses and OE will be published soon, this is just a rough overview for you to plan.

You can also check out our instagram, there we will also inform you when we have more info for you.

We wish you a great time until it starts!