Office Hours

The office hours are a permanent service of the student body. During this time it is guaranteed that someone will be in office. You can find our current office hours in the sidebar.

During office hours somebody of the student body is there to answer your questions about your studies, to help you with a problem regarding a lecturer or to just to drink a cup of tea or coffee with. Oftentimes somebody will be in office outside of the official office hours also, so it can be worth to just come by. The office is also a community room where you can play games or talk, as long as you disturb no one working.


The Online-AwD offers you the opportunity to ask questions to students active in the student council, even if you are not on site. It currently takes place weekly on Mondays from 4 to 6 pm.
You can join during this period via BigBlueButton (BBB, a self-hosted alternative to Zoom and other online meeting services) at the following link: