Opening Hours

If you have any trouble or need some advice or you want to use one of tools, you will find someone in the office during our opening hours. You can find them in the sidebar.

Information: Due to the pandemic we currently do not have opening hours.

Minutes of Examinations

You can have a look into several minutes of examinations in our office. You can have a look into our list of available minutes before you call over. We are happy about new minutes every semester. So, if you want to help us, please send us your minutes to


There are some devices in our office you can use. You will only pay the cost of materials.

Binding Machine

Our binding machine can bind scripts of up to 200 pages.


If you want to laminate something, you can do that with our laminitor up to pages of DIN A3.


You have solved your exercises? But you haven’t stapled the pages? No problem, you can use our stapler!


You can buy cold drinks like Mate or fritz kola or even water for 1,20€ each. If you want, you can make some coffee or tea, too