For Enterprises

The Computer Science Student Council offers options for companies to make offers to students. We provide two mailing lists that students can subscribe to in order to receive offers filtered according to relevance.

Job Offers

There is an online job exchange for job offers, through which we forward offers to interested students. These may be looking for part-time jobs during their studies or an employment after graduation. Offers for this list should have technical relevance for computer science / cyber security students.

Please send all job offers to

Event Offers

If there is an event that you would like to inform students of the computer science department of, this can be realized via the events list. Here, too, we will slightly prefilter all requests. This is due to us trying to inform only about events that are professionally relevant for them.

Please send all event offers to

Internship offers

Our cyber security bachelor students have to complete a six-week internship during their studies.
This exchange is explicitly intended for this internship.
However, we are also happy to receive internships relating to students on our Master’s degree programs or the Computer Science Bachelor’s degree.

Please send all event offers to

Sponsoring for the Introductory week / Orientation unit

Sponsorship requests for the annual orientation unit during the first week of October are welcome to be sent to the Orga Team’s mail address. We will be happy to get back to you with requests, but we ask that you send them in by the beginning of September.