Start of studies

Information on our Bachelor programs is only available in German here, as the programs are also in German.

The program we offer in English is our Master of Science – Computer Science.

Master of Science – Computer Science

Our master is a research oriented program with an expected length of 4 semesters. There are no mandatory courses, but you have to choose one main track, where you have to take your lab, seminar and 18 additional Credit Points. The rest of your credit points can be put into the other tracks as you like. The four tracks are:

  • Algorithmics
  • Graphic, Vision and Audio
  • Information and Communication Management
  • Intelligent Systems

Each of these tracks offers a variety of lectures, labs, seminars and thesis-opportunities. For a current overview of the available modules, take a look at the course catalogue.

For further readings we highly recommend our freshmen magazine Inform.

If you are or will be an international student, check out the International Students Department of the AstA.

More information can also be found on the website of the Institut for Computer Science.