Student Exam Protocols

Student Exam Protocols are memory protocols of students, so they aren’t official protocols. They are supposed to give you an opportunity to inform yourself about possible topics of your exams. We also have some original exams and mock exams, which were provided to us by lecturers. You can use them to study for your exams: You can get a sense for the type of questions being asked, or you can practice the typical task types.
Student Exam Protocols can be categorized into three types:

  • protocols of written exams: If you were able to take an task sheet of your exam home, please share it with us! Even a simple outline of the tasks or the topics can make an interesting examination protocol.
  • protocols for oral exams: They contain the questions the examiner asked and sometimes even the answers of the examinee. They can be used to simulate an exam at home and maybe you can narrow the topics of the exam down.
  • original exams/mock exams: These are real exams of the previous years or mock exams that were made by the lecturer and given to us by students. Mock exams don’t always have the same level of difficulty as the real exams.

getting access to the protocols

Just come over to our office during office hours and we will help you find, what you are looking for. You can take your time to look through our folders an decide if you want to copy something. You can look up if we have the protocols you are looking for in our overview.

write your own protocol

Please send your protocols via e-mail to Possible formats are: text, PDF, RTF or ODT. Please don’t submit DOC or even weirder formats. If you only had time for a hand written protocol you can bring it to our office.

Your efforts shall be rewarded! Everyone who submits a (self-made) exam protocol gets a free drinks of choice at our office.