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About us

We are the student body. We are happy you called over to get to know us. Actually, you are part of the student body, too. Every student that studies Informatik (B.Sc.), Computer Science (M.Sc.), Life Science Informatics (M.Sc.) or is working on her Dr. (similar to PhD) is part of it. Every student that is part of the student body is called upon to elect the student council (germ. Fachschaftsvertretung). This elections takes part in the summer, usually in June. Those elected students again elect the student administration (germ. Fachschaftsrat). During the lecture period, we meet every week (you can find day, time and room in the sidebar/at the footer of this page). You are welcome to attend. If you have any concern this is the place where you can call for it (you can write us an e-mail, too).

Our Work

It is hard to sum up what is all part of the work of the student body. Apart from the committee work we do, we also organise events and parties, we provide services such as the exam minutes an of course we also are your first contact when it comes to questions or problems regarding your studies or life in Bonn in general.

Can I help?

Of course! Everyone can join and help, even if they are not elected in FSR, FSV or any committee. An easy entry is to help with the office hours. For two hours a week you staff our office, where you answer e-mails, fill up the beverages in the fridge, tidy the shelves and of course help any student that comes by. The office hours are always staffed with two people, so you will have a seasoned Fachschaftler with you who knows how things work. If you want to help further, you could take on one of our internal jobs, or you could occupy a seat in a committee. You can find more info on the jobs and committees here. You can find a List of our current committee members here.