Equality in Computer Science – Grace Hopper Awards of the Computer Science Institute

Commodore Grace M. Hopper, USNR Official portrait photograph, gemeinfrei

Women* have been and still are often severely underrepresented in MINT subjects. Unfortunately, this often results in them having difficulties with applications or in their professional life due to not being seen as an equal to their male colleagues. Social pressure is also a major factor in preventing them from starting or considering a career path in IT, or anything in MINT.

As part of the institute’s own GIDIS project (“Strenghening Equality in Computer Science”), the Institute for Computer Science awards a prize to honour outstanding female students. The prize is endowed with 300 € and is intended to motivate female students and offer them a good opportunity to present their work and promote female representation.

The award is named after Grace Hopper, a computer scientist who worked for the US Army. She played a key role in the development of the programming language COBOL. A very early programming language that was developed at the end of the 1950s, and thus at a time when punch cards were still being punched. Despite her great success, she remained rather unknown, as women in this field, then as now, are still seen as rather unusual.

If you are interested in the prize and can imagine meeting the conditions, read the entry requirements on the page linked below and submit your suitable work. The deadline for entries is June 20th. Best of luck!