Awareness | Response-Team


Currently active Response-Team members

  • Dominik Wührer
  • Anne Strackbein
  • Robin Meth
  • Micah Röbkes
  • Linus Rodríguez Gómez

Last updated 15.11.2023

Reports & Contact

If you are part of or notice a situation in which one or more people is insulted, discriminated against, touched without consent or otherwise treated in a non-respectful manner, please contact a member of the Response Team. Please report all such situations, even if you are not entirely sure how problematic it was, since we can only act based on reported situations.

You can report cases (no matter whether they happened during or outside of an event, e.g. on University grounds or in the office) at any time to the Response Team.

There is currently no separate mailing adress for Awareness/Response-specific cases, so while this is not possible, please directly contact members listed above in case you want to report anything.


We usually have members of the Response Team active during events to help out affected people when they encounter disrespectful or assaulting behaviour. You can identify members by string lights. During bigger events, we also provide a dedicated room as a means of retreat. If you want to use this room, please ask any member of the Response Team.


Our code of conduct is listed on our documents overview.