There is a Python immersion course for the first time!

From 11. to 15. September 2023 the Python immersion course will take place for the first time!
The goal of the course is to give you the opportunity to deepen your Python knowledge and to successfully plan and implement your own projects.

In addition, it should also serve as a useful preparation for the modules that implicitly require Python.
(e.g. numerics, KivS, computational intelligence, …).

First, Python as such will be repeated, so that you will be picked up even without prior knowledge!

Then, exciting advanced Python topics will be covered, including:
– Threading vs Multiprocessing
– numpy/ pandas/ matplotlib
– requests/ FastAPI/ Pydanctic/ AsyncIO
– Project structure/ Packaging/ Deployment

You will also learn how to work with documentation by working with libraries.

The advanced course is offered in the format of the pre-courses.

The lecture will take place daily from 10-12(ct) in room 0.109 (b-it lecture hall).
Exercises will be offered from 1-15pm.

We look forward to seeing you!