TDD Workshop on the 22.05.2023 at 17:00-20:00

Moin everyone,

Have you ever written code, let it sit for a few weeks and then came back to it, only to think “WTF have I done”? If yes, you’re not alone.
Have you ever worked with others or in a bigger project, changed a small thing, pushed it to production because all the manual testcases you could think of worked, but then something else broke? If yes, you’re not alone.

These are basically the two main scenarios that Test Driven Development (TDD) aims to “fix”, with a bigger focus on the second scenario and the first being more of a nice side effect.
We offer the second iteration of the TDD workshop on the 22.05.2023 from 17:00-20:00 in 0.107 at the computer science institute.
The workshop consists of a presentation about what it means to write good code and good tests, how TDD works and how to apply it.
After the presentation there will be a live demo, so everyone can get a good feel for it.
After the demo, we will enter the exercise phase, where everyone will actively try TDD with some exercises.

Second iteration just means we took the feedback from last time and made it better, it’s still aimed at TDD-beginners and developers who haven’t heard about TDD yet.
If you already know TDD, you’re free to join and participate in the exercise, maybe even help out a fellow student 🙂

Please register at , the available slots are limited! It’s first come, first serve. There is a waiting list if you want to get notified when a slot becomes available again. Please also cancel your registration in case you cannot attend so others can attend.

If you want to help (organising or helping out during the workshop), write us an email at .

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