Candidates for 2022 student body elections

Student body elections are taking place soon! (Wanna know more? Click here!)

But who can I vote for?
On this page you’ll find a list of all candidates. In addition, the ballots will include a blank field in which you can enter the name of any person who is eligible to vote, instead of voting for one of the candidates.


Finn Kalvelage

Jennifer Kroppen

Felix Schäfer

Nicholas Malte Kreimeyer

Christoph Heinen

Alexander Wallau

Katharina Gillig

Anna Beckers

Gina Muuss

Chris Geron

Justin Schmitz

Benedikt Arno Bastin
Hey, I’m Benedikt. I am enrolled in the Computer Science masters and want to especially represent it.
For the last to terms I already was a member of both the student body representatives and council. Most important are the organisation of the Orientation Unit for new students as well as events that are fun and bring our students together. Besides that, I also deal a lot with (examination) regulations and am a member of the faculty council and the student parliament (and its first speaker :-D).

Karn Singh

Matthias Neidhardt

Michael Kaibel

The order of candidates was chosen by lot.