Candidates for 2021 election

Dear fellow students,

the elections for the student body will take place soon (June 14-16, more info here).
Below you’ll find a list of all candidates, plus their introductory texts.
The order was randomnly selected.
You can vote for either one of the candidates below or any person eligible to vote for.

Dominik Wührer

Hi, I’m Dominik, am in a very high semester number and would like to be re-elected to the FSV.
A few facts about me: I was the financial officer of the FSR for a few years, was active in appointment committees for new professors and I’m an active representative in the department’s managing board. Outside of the FS, I work at the help desk in the HRZ and have a variety of hobbies.
Yes, my picture is cropped absolutely beautiful, but there isn’t a better picture available at the moment.


Christoph Michael Heinen


Justin Schmitz


Benedikt Arno Bastin

Hi, I am Benedikt!
I am enroled in the Computer Science Master and therefore advocate
strongly for the interests of Master students.
I am dedicated to organising events for students.
Apart from board game nights, I am engaged in the orientation unit, the
event that welcomes new students and gives them insights into student life.
I have worked on providing one for Master students.
Also I am an author for the Inform, the magazine for new students.
I also am a member of the student parliament.


Jennifer Kroppen


Nicholas Kreimeyer