Die weiße Fassade des Ersatzbaus der Informatik

Move to Poppelsdorf

We won’t deny that the news about the Computer Science moving to Poppelsdorf might be older than this article’s author, but it seems to get closer! This leads to one important question: What will change?

Good things come to those who wait

Die weiße Fassade des Ersatzbaus der Informatik in Poppelsdorf

Until now our department was divided onto multiple buildings: The AVZ III in the Römerstraße and the LBH in the Friedrich-Ebert-Allee. Soon they will both move to the same site as well as the b-it, which also changes location to Poppelsdorf. This means shorter ways and less racing through the whole town to catch the next lecture for everybody! For the student body this also means finally getting closer to the students of our Master programmes. It will be easier to get in contact with each other.

Great! When do we start?

The move will start on 19.2.2018 and last until 26.2.2018. The different departments will move on different dates, starting with the b-it on 19.2.2018, the LBH on 22.02.2018. and finally the AVZ III on 26.2.2018. The day before the corresponding move starts the networks will be taken offline, so keep that in mind if you need something for exams, labs or your thesis. We hope that this schedule will remain consistent, but as always there might be nasty suprises that lead to longer downtimes than expected.


We were able to get a few lockers in the foyer of the new building which means that we can happily assure you this service after the relocation. If you currently rent a locker, please return it until 02.02.2018! This is generally possible during our opening hours. At this point, we cannot yet tell when the new lockers will be available but will inform you as soon as we know more.

Learn rooms

This was a topic that needed a lot of discussions during the long phase of planning the move. We are currently very spoiled: Four rooms are available for you to learn or chill (one at LBH, two at AVZ III and one at b-it) as well as our office and a common room. Sadly the situation will change in Poppelsdorf, but we still have two learning rooms in the Computer Science part of the new building as well as one in the b-it part which can be used by you. There were also plans for study desks in the foyer, but those are currently under revision and might not happen. One of the computer pools will also be designed as a bring-your-own-device room which can be used to work.

Student body office

Our office will be located on the ground floor of the new building. If you enter the foyer from the main entrance, it is straight forward and then in the right corner – you should recognize it immediately! We are already exited to move there and hope to see you soon.