Information for M.Sc. students

Howdy! This is the student body's website. As an enrolled student, you are member of the student body by default. So what's in it for you?

Start your master degree in Bonn

If you are interested to study in Bonn, we have an info page.


Students are members of various boards and committees of self-government within the university and the student body itself. Have a look at the list of board and committee members and just contact them if you have complaints, questions or suggestions.


You may vote in the student body elections (in summer) as well as the students' parliament elections and the elections for the university committees (in winter). Likewise, you may run for a membership in probably all of those committees. Look out for the public election announcements! Note that the language of conversation in those committees usually is German. We do, however, have special rules in our rules of procedure to accommodate non-german speaking folks' needs.

There is no need to be elected in order to participate in the student body's events and routines. Everyone may participate.

Benefits and Services

In our office, we do have a collection of old exam questions and more material that might be useful when preparing for an exam.

The lecture evaluation is conducted each semester for B.Sc. and M.Sc. modules. Seeing how fellow students rated a lecture might offer some guidance when selecting lectures for the next semester. You will find the results of past semesters' evaluations here.

We also do events for fun: Gaming evening, game jams, pub crawls, etc. They are announced via our news mailing list, this website, and our social media accounts.

If you are currently looking for a job, you might be interested in our jobs mailing list.

You should totally check out the AStA's Consultations and Services, too.

Find us!

Here's a map. Or you can write us an email. Or a letter. Or call. The contact information is in the sidebar on the left.